Daco Tianbao of Jing Xi Kennel (Bao)

Daco Tianbao of Jing Xi Kennel (Bao)

Name: Daco Tianbao of Jing Xi Kennel (Bao) Breed: Tibetan mastiff Color: Red Owner: Tatiana Petrova Breeder: China Contact: aby30@list.ru


Imports of China. Registered in RKF.

Candidate Chempilony Russia.

Tests dysplasia - the norm.

74 cm at the withers.

Bao a great guy, you can not go with him down the street, not to ask, what is this handsome :) Very good guard, a real danger, for any outsider encroaching on its territory, but completely indifferent to outside for a walk, calm and balanced. Bao real lion with gorgeous mane!

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